Prioritize your Facebook News Feed

Facebook is making another change—surprise surprise! But this change seems to be making Facebook users a bit happier than some of their other changes.

Facebook is now letting you take more control of your News Feed. Currently iOS app is the only app that you can change your News Feed Preferences.

Facebook app > More section > News Feed Preferences

You can now prioritize who you want to see first, unfollow people, reconnect with those you’ve unfollowed, and discover new pages to follow. Being able to select who you see first is huge for a lot of Facebook users. Pages and people you set to “see first” will be at the top of your News Feed. You can select up to 30 different accounts whose newest updates will always appear first in your feed.Newsfeed-prefrences-640x580

Anyone you set to see first will have a star next to their post so you know that you have selected them to be seen on Top.

The “Discover New Pages” menu is influenced by pages you already liked as well as those liked by your friends or other people like you. According to Facebook “this will help smaller organizations whose updates may get lost in the noise of other updates”.

While this feature is only on iOS currently, it is supposed to be available on desktop and Android in the upcoming weeks.

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