What is Flipagram and how can it help grow your brand?


With all the new social media platforms out there it can be hard to know what they all do and how they can help grow your brand. Flipagram makes it easy to create beautiful short video stories using your pictures, set to music.

Flipagrams are the newly popular short/micro video format, because they say a lot in a small space, and let you express yourself, creatively with pictures, text and music.

How Flipagram can help small businesses

For small business, Flipagram has variety of uses:

  • E-Cards: Send singing telegrams for the holidays, birthdays, get well soon– whatever the case may be, let your customers know you care sending them a personalized e-card!
  • New Products: Get all your new products for the season together in Instagram-size photos, put them to a great track that your target audience enjoys.
  • Nightclub Event: Got a party coming up? Grab a great track, grab some photos of people partying, and get 3 different version of the flyer and put it to the music. But this can work really great for ANY event you’re trying to promote!
  • One Product, Many Uses: Show how one of your products can be used in a variety of ways. The more pictures you have, the cooler the effect because it keeps people’s eyes moving.
  • Showing Your Staff: Get a bunch of your staff shots and pick a cool song that represents your company and your brand. People trust people, and the more personable your brand is, the more people will use your products.
  • Showing Your Clients Using Product: Take pictures of your clients using a product or enjoying your venue. Bring it all together to some great music that your target audience will enjoy.


How to use Flipagram

The process is simple: select any number of photos, set the length of the video and share the video on whatever channels you’d like. It’s not required to add an overlaid title and soundtrack, but doing so usually enhances the video.

Courtesy of business2community.com/
Courtesy of business2community.com


Flipagram is currently the fifth-most downloaded free photo and video application in the iTunes App Store and continues to gain popularity, most notably among brands. To download it you can click here: Download Flipagram

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