4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Buy Fake Followers

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4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Buy Fake Followers

4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Buy Fake Followers

It’s a temptation that can be hard to resist but as a business owner, you should it’s a bad move. Buying likes, followers and fans is never appropriate and can hurt your brand in a number of different ways.

Here are a few reasons why you should never buy fake followers:

You can be banned

All the social media platforms will permanently ban you if it is discovered that you have been buying likes/followers. It may take a while to get caught, but you will be caught. They delete your entire account meaning you’ll lose all that hard work and time and you’ve put into the content of your page. Is it really worth it?

Instead generate quality content, promote your business and try for guest blogging spots on other popular websites. Share your blogs to any and all social media platforms that you are part of.

Followers and Likes no longer even matter much

In the past, it was important for businesses to boast about the number of likes they had. This no longer matters as much, at least to the algorithms. What IS important is true engagement, which you won’t receive from fake accounts and bots. In the eyes of Facebook it is more important to have a few hundred engaged fans than hundreds of thousands inactive followers.

Inaccurate analytics

You’re throwing off your analytics when you don’t have real accounts. If you have one million followers but only 1,000 of them respond and engage, that’s an engagement rate of .01%. If you keep the numbers real, you will be able to better accurately gage what people are interested in, what they’re responding to, and the percent of followers who are actively watching your brand.

Your budget is better spent elsewhere

Instead of spending all that money on fake followers and potentially getting banned from social media or exposed as a fraud, use that money for something even greater. Build up your social media presence and the quality of the content on your website and use the budget for advertising. If you promote on social media, the likes will go up without you spending money on bots.

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