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4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Buy Fake Followers

4 Reasons It’s a Bad Idea to Buy Fake Followers

It’s a temptation that can be hard to resist but as a business owner, you should it’s a bad move. Buying likes, followers and fans is never appropriate and can hurt your brand in a number of different ways. Here are a few reasons why you should never buy fake followers: You can be banned...

social media ROI

Measuring Your ROI on Social Media

Any time a client asks us how to measure return on investment(ROI) on social media my response is simple- “your ROI is brand loyalty and repeat customers- so how valuable is that to your business? That’s the ROI”. And it’s true. We all want to obviously make money when we advertise or when we put...

Social media safety measures

6 Tips for Social Media Posting While on Vacation

A study was done in 2011, which revealed that about 78% of burglars use social media as a way to choose their next target (McMillan, 2011). With most social media sites allowing users to check into locations, it makes it easier for burglars to determine whom to target next. As a result of most users...

negative social media reviews

How to Handle Negative Reviews

It happens to the best of companies— negative reviews. The difference is how a company handles the situation. Below we will cover 4 tips for helping deal with negative reviews and/or comments that are left about your business. Negative Reviews: Monitor all comments You should have at least one employee that is responsible for monitoring...